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Kiotos Bizarre - Bird Cage Chastity Cage

SKU: 146-1070

EAN 8718969408639
Body Safe Yes
Diameter Ring: 45mm
Material Chrome Plated
BrandKiotos Bizarre

Put a lock on the most wanted member of your partner with Kiotos Bizarre pencil! This shiny pencil comes with a lock so that your partner's penis locks and locks until you decide to release him again. The pencil is lightweight and durable, ventilated for optimal hygiene and has an opening that just lets you pee. Slide the pencil around the penis and close the lock with the key. Hold your male member in bed! Very exciting and very suitable as a predictor or during a role play. The pencil removes the ability to touch the genitals and gives the keyholder the optimal control over the sexual satisfaction of both partners.

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